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40DD-25-36 ... ALL LAURA ... ALL THE TIME!!!

Adult film Star Laura Lion is a stunningly pretty, raven-haired ravisher who is fast becoming one of the hottest European imports on the sexvid scene. Laura sports one of the tastiest bods in the biz, a supremely stacked vision of voluptuousness that's 100% tempting and 100% fun. There's more to Laura than just a great pair of breasts, though -- she's also got one of the prettiest faces around, and her deep, alluringly dark eyes are as hypnotic as they are enticing.

Laura Lion hails originally from the Czech Republic. She got her start in Stateside adult films in late 2002, appearing in a string of shot-in-Europe features that capitalized on her youthful sexual fervor and luscious curves. Her first big splash was in the aptly-titled 'Truly Nice *Rack 1,' where Laura joined equally scrumptious Euro-babe Daria and some lucky stiff for a jigglicious three-way blast.

Laura Lion is just starting her adult film career, but she's already won over lots of fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Fans of luscious, breathtakingly pretty brunette babes should definitely check Laura out -- she's easily one of the most delectable beauties (and a Raven King personal favorite) on the current scene. While Laura has yet to master command of the English language, her moans serve her brilliantly as her most common form of communication. Also interesting to note is that the more 'Americanized' Laura got, the dirtier a slut she became. She started out doing some pretty routine, straight forward guy/girl stuff - as time moved on, she was engaging in some FANTASTIC and often brutal group scenes, WONDERFUL girl/girl action with the likes of The Goddess, Gianna Michaels, and even some great stockings fetish and role-playing. There is no limit to where Laura Lion winds up on the adult film scale.

- In a pairing of two of the Raven King's personal favorites, Laura Lion gets down and dirty with The Goddess, Gianna Michaels in some absolutely FANTASTIC girl on girl action. The two superstars really go to town and pleasure each other in every conceivable way, before being joined by their hard working man and turn the whole scene into a scintillating three-way! This is truly a clash of the titans! As a fan of both these girls (especially The Goddess, Gianna Michaels), I can NOT recommend this scene enough ... definitely a must see!

- In one of the more savage group action scenes of her still young career, Laura Lion takes on a room full of young studs that are there to make her as air-tight as possible! There are NO HOLES BARRED in this glorious full metal romp! Laura is STRETCHED out to her fullest capabilities, and really sells the scene beautifully. This is Laura Lion really coming into her own in the business, and finally getting down and dirty Hollywood style. A perfect example of what happens when East meets West ... with fully erotic results!

- Laura Lion is a dirty little Maid, and she really knows how to clean up. She calmly goes about her business dusting various rooms, and getting things orderly ... all of a sudden, she is groped by her customer. He then lifts her little Maid skirt to reveal some tantalizing blue lacy panties. Before long, Laura is being plowed with an unending lust ... this guy is obviously VERY into her, and who can blame him. Going on strictly 'how she looks' ... this one ranks high on the Raven King's list of must-see scenes as well.

- And there's plenty more!

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