ANGELIKA BLACK - Collector's DVD Compilation


It may seem like this exotic looking beauty has been performing on the adult stage for quite some time as she is now one of the most recognizable faces in Europe. Angelika (or Black Angelika as she is also known) has worked tirelessly over the last 2 years to really make a name for herself and the effort has paid off. Still only 21 years of age she has done everything from hardcore DP straight scenes to beautiful lesbian erotica.

Fresh off her triumphant feature film work with Private Video in Europe, where she worked with some of the biggest names in international porn (including genius film maker Pierre Woodman - if you don't believe me, check out his 'Cape Town' films). She hasn't been in America long, but she's already targeting some of the major online pay-sites, and feature films can't be too far behind. Check her out here in some of her very BEST import scenes, as well as some of her early American efforts!

DVDs feature nothing but scenes starring Angelika and an assortment of her friends.

- All anyone ever needs when the fall down and knock themselves out is a quiet little trip to Hell! The beautiful Angelika slips into an alternate reality ... and she's going to suffer some intense sexual pain and pleasure because of it! This is a nice first American effort for Angelika. You gotta figure this is the type of thing she'll be doing until she masters a bit more English, but I'm not complaining. Great sexual energy, and a complete submissive fantasy. Nicely done!

- Some very clear 'Nasty Intentions' are on display, as Angelika's pimp (decked out in full pimp attire) instructs her on how to treat his wealthy American clients. Angelika is in rare form here, as he literally leads her around on a leash. Some wonderful three-way all out (all holes open) action ensues. Angelika even gives her nasty pimp a little taste at the end. Great stuff, and a good example of how Angelika (known here as Black Angelika) became so HUGE in Euro-Porn.

- Angelika Black and her dear friend Lucy Belle are fresh new recruits at the 'Young Harlots Riding School' ... things get hot and heavy very quickly, and an all out (all holes open, of course) out-door orgy ensues. Angelika has no problem sharing her studs with Lucy, but you can tell that she's more interested in satisfying her own lusts first. Wonderfully staged and shot scene, with scorching hot sex action from Europe!

- And there's plenty more!

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Add an optional THIRD two-plus hour Angelika Black DVD for an additional $8!
Finally back for more ... the Raven King revisits Angelika Black and you horny Pervs are the lucky recipients of a new volume consisting of FIVE brand new scenes; including Angelika's trip to the boobie Doctor ... "Angelika's back has been killing her for weeks because her massive breasts are wearing her down. The doctor is totally opposed to a breast reduction because Angelika's tits are too beautiful. He helps her relax by massaging the tits very carefully until Angelika forgets about the breast reduction and instead wants to fuck the doctors brains out." ... now, we can assume that this scene is kind of a tribute to Angelika's brand new boob job ... her new tits are FUCKING AWESOME, by the way. It's nice to see these girls having enough of a sense of humor to poke fun at themselves a bit ... assuming of course, that the producers let Angelika in on the joke. New disc also includes Angelika's misadventures with the neighborhood Peeping Tom ... "It's a very normal day for Angelika, wake up early, masturbate and work out. Things get awkward fast when she catches a man spying on her with a telescope from a window across the way. After the man gets caught and the beautiful babe has gone away he invites himself over to her house knowing that she wants to have a huge cock rammed up her tight asshole. Usually assuming things will get you into trouble, instead it got this young man a beautiful asshole to fuck." ... This scene has a little bit of everything, and does them all really well. Wonderful early morning self pleasure intro, followed by some nice voyeur action ... and leading into an outstanding (and quite vicious) anal fucking. GREAT stuff, and one of my favorite Angelika scenes to date.
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Add an optional FOURTH two-plus hour Angelika Black DVD for an additional $8!
New installment to the Raven King Collection comes LOADED with FIVE brand new scenes, including Angelika's never-ending quest to find the right cocks for her scenes ... "Angelika Black knows that she's got some of the best assets in Europe, but she's also very picky when it comes to who she wants to fuck on film. After refusing the director's first choice, he finally finds someone who will make her squeal like the slut that she is!" And just like that, another pornstar has found the perfect cock to suck for one more day ... hey, I don't blame her for being picky ... it's a jungle out there! Also included in this latest volume, more fun at the office ... "Frank has a lot of filing and copying that he has his secretary do for him. But there are other things that he has her do that aren't remotely office related. And that's because her giant tits and sexy clothes turn him on so much that besides office work, they do quite a lot of pleasurable work together too! Plus its easy for them to tell their boyfriends/girlfriends, another late night at the office again!" I just hope they're careful around the photo-copier ... you don't want to accidently leave behind some incriminating evidence ... believe me, I know.
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2-DVD Set  -  $16
3-DVD Set  -  $24  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)
4-DVD Set  -  $32  (or just $8 for the individual DVD)

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