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Coming Soon

This is just to keep you guys up to date as to what we're actually working on at the moment. When I tell you that we're backed up, I'm not kidding.

List is ALWAYS subject to change ... in the event that a new girl comes along and just blows me away ... she'll probably go to the top of the list. Hey, if you can't abuse your power, then what the fuck good is it? Seriously, this is all meant to keep you guys informed as to what is coming next (more or less). It's an effort to keep you informed. Be warned, if you don't see it on this lengthy list, it's probably not going to happen for some time.

Next up ...


* That's right, True Believers, your humble Lord of Ravens has declared WAR on personal procrastination ...

MASSIVE amounts of updates to cum ... (I shit you not) - RK

More updates for ...

Eva Lovia

Gianna Dior

Natalia Queen

Riley Star

Lena Paul





Quoth the Raven, "Hardcore Evermore."

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